Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Group insurance and Funeral insurance compulsory?
    NO - but two units are recommended. In case of death, the proceeds are credited to your Koopkrag account and any surplus paid to your estate.
  • What is the bonus year?
    September (previous year) till August (current year). Your December account will be credited with the accumulated bonus.
  • Do I earn bonus on petrol?
    YES (0.5%). You pay a 1.75% handling fee but it remains more convenient and cheaper to use your KOOPKRAG card instead of cash.
  • Is KOOPKRAG only in Pretoria?
    KOOPKRAG's suppliers are nationwide - please refer to our suppliers guide for a list of KOOPKRAG suppliers in your area.
  • Is the Guarantee fund compulsory?
    YES - it is similar to a savings account that will be credited to your KOOPKRAG account in the event of cancellation of your KOOPKRAG account or your resignation as a member. Interest is payable on the balance of your Guarantee fund at rates as determined by Koopkrag Limited from time to time.
  • Does the bonus percentage change?
    The bonus percentage is determined annually depending on the company's financial results.
  • How do I determine my monthly purchase limit required?
    Your limit is determined by your monthly requirements subject to approval from KOOPKRAG.
  • Can my purchase limit be increased?
    A request to have your purchase limit increased can be done telephonically.
  • What happens when I exceed my monthly purchase limit?
    Your transaction can be declined and an administration fee will be charged. This can be prevented by requesting a temporary or a permanent purchase limit increase in advance.
  • In the event of a claim at Santam short-term insurance who do I contact?
    Santam Claim Centre (Theft or an accident) at Tel: 0860 505 911.
  • Who do I contact if I want to change my policy details at Santam?
    Santam Telecentre at Tel: 0860 102 722.