Say what?

JIP! Simply use your KOOPKRAG card at any of more than 10 000 stores countrywide and receive money back every Festive Season!

OK... and?

AND you also get

  • a budget facility, where you have between 3 and 24 months to pay AND receive cash back in the process!
  • vehicle finance and personal loans with excellent service and extremely competitive interest rates.
  • vehicle- and household insurance, WITH an annual cash back bonus of 8%!
  • group and life insurance
  • funeral cover, with cover of between R4 000 and R30 000 per family member.

Sounds good... but what will it cost me?

In a nutshell:

  • NO joining fees
  • Only 90c per transaction
  • A maximum of only R3.50 administration fee per month
  • Only R50 for a brand new KOOPKRAG card every 2 years!

GREAT! And now?

Our application process is quick and easy, so if you earn R5 000 or more per month and you have a good credit record...

Koopkrag offers the following to our consumer members:

  • BONUS Our consumer members earn bonus on purchases made with their card, if the account is settled in full by the third of the month. The bonus is credited on your December account which means more CASH in your pocket during the Festive Season!!
  • CONVENIENCE Our card has all the security features of a credit card. You can even use your card while you are on holiday. The following big retail stores are available countrywide (SHOPRITE, CHECKERS, CHECKERS HYPER, TRADE CENTRE, DION, GAME, ACKERMANS, WOOLWORTHS, TIGER WHEEL & TYRE, OK Furn, BATA & most of the PEP stores). You only have a single account to pay at the end of the month!
  • BUDGET FACILITY A Budget facility is available for more expensive items with monthly instalments of between three and twenty four months. The minimum amount is R300-00. The facility is available on request.
  • GROUP FUNERAL INSURANCE (Only for applicants under 60 years of age.)
Standard Premium (monthly) R15.60 R20.40 R28.60 R40.80 R62.00 R83.00 R124.50
Cover on death of:
Main member, spouse & children 15 to 20 years R4 000 R5 000 R7 000 R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R30 000
Children 6 to 14 years R2 000 R2 500 R3 500 R5 000 R7 500 R10 000 R15 000
Children under 6 years(Incl still-born) R1 000 R1 250 R1 750 R2 500 R3 750 R5 000 R7 500

Standard Premium (monthly) R7.00 R9.20 R12.90 R18.40 R27.90 R37.50 R55.80
Cover on death of:
Single person R4 000 R5 000 R7 000 R10 000 R15 000 R20 000 R30 000
  • GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (Only for applicants under 54 years of age.) Should the member pass away, this scheme offers cover for partial or full payment of their account. Any surplus funds arising from claims will be made available to the spouse. The premium is R5-05 per unit per month.
Age as on date of death < 30 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70+
Amount in Rand per unit R12 000 R10 000 R7 000 R4 000 R2 000 R1 000
  • AVBOB FUNERAL COVER for persons 60 to 85 years of age.
  • PERSONAL LOANS Available to consumer members at competitive interest rates.
  • HIRE PURCHASE Make use of our hire purchase facility to buy that longed for car, furniture, caravan etc. Our interest rates are extremely competitive.
  • SHORT-TERM INSURANCE For a free quote phone (012) 348-5452. Not only will the monthly premium be affordable, but you can also earn an annual BONUS on your premiums, regardless of any claims during the year

*Terms and Conditions apply


About Us

Until 1937 buying association activity was pretty limited in Pretoria. In an effort to increase their turnover dealers started granting credit facilities to the general public by the early thirties. They achieved their initial goal but it was accompanied by increased outstanding debt and the related cash flow problems. Something had to be done. Their solution, they started granting discount on cash purchases and timely settlement of accounts.

This seemed like the opportune moment to consolidate the purchasing power (‘Koopkrag’) of the consumers in Pretoria and in 1938 Koopkrag was formed. We opened an account on behalf of our members at the different dealers, we ensured and guaranteed that different accounts were settled on the due date and thus qualified for the dealer`s settlement discount. It is this discount that we distribute to our members as an annual bonus.

Over the years we’ve grown our range of products and services to include a purchase card, hire purchase financing, personal loans, short-term insurance, purchase card budget facility, group life insurance, group funeral insurance etc. Today members can buy from a variety of suppliers country wide.

Mr JH du Plessis (Chairperson), Mr AJ Jacobs, Dr AJ Van Wyk, Mr MF Labuschagne, Mr R Taljaard.